Nigerian man who earns N14M annually seeks advice on relocating abroad

A Nigerian youth making about N1.2 million per month seeks advice regarding life outside the country as he contemplates relocating abroad.

The individual, aged 27, anonymously messaged an influencer, @Wizarab10 on the X platform, sharing details about his gross income of N14 million per annum.

The graduate with a first-class degree in engineering in 2020 hoped to work on an academic scholarship to ease his relocation plans.

Expressing optimism about securing scholarships, the young individual is considering relocation to countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States based on their academic achievements.

In his words, “I am 27 and earn about N14m gross per annum. I would like to know your honest opinion about life outside Nigeria because I am currently confused on whether to relocate abroad (UK, Canada, US) via the study route. I am a First Class Engineering graduate (2020), thus I’m sure I can get scholarships.”

Man who earns N14M annually in Nigeria seeks advice on relocating abroad


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