Nigerian man lost everything in Canada after his wife falsely accused him of rapǝ

A tweep identified as @novieverest on the microblogging platform X has shared his discussion with an Uber driver who was conveying him to his destination.

Narrating the story, the man mentioned that the Uber guy lost everything after his wife falsely accused him of rape in Canada.

He wrote;

“God!!!! This Japa thing is not easy. I felt so much pity for my bolt driver this evening. Some women are so wicked, that you can call them the devil itself. This man lived in Canada for 11 years. I almost wept for him. I will break down if I go through this level of pain.

He lost both parents while in Canada. After he lost his dad he was in so much disarray and had an argument with his wife. During the argument, he smashed her phone and that was it. She went to the police and accused him of rape and house arrest.

He hired a lawyer, but it cost Him $7,000. Along the line, madam went to the police and told them that was not what happened. That they misunderstood her. Police refused that they must finish their investigation. After the investigation, all charges were dropped but the man’s life is already ruined. He went back home but things were broken already. A divorce will cost him $3,000 monthly for child support. He had to relocate to Nigeria. He might never see his children again. Scary. I had tears in my eyes.”

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