Nigerian man loses interest in girlfriend after 2 weeks of dating, cries out for help

A Nigerian man has taken to TikTok to express his dilemma about losing interest in his girlfriend and struggling with how to communicate this to her.

In a video featuring the couple in the back seat of a car, he shared his confusion and uncertainty about the situation.

The man mentioned that he has a pattern of not being able to sustain a relationship for more than two months. Despite describing his girlfriend as a sweet soul, he acknowledged his dwindling interest in her.


In a follow-up video, he hinted at the possibility of finally opening up to her about his feelings, suggesting that he may have reached a decision on how to proceed.

Tiktok users have responded to his video, giving a variety of opinions and advises:

Ammy: “Na so the next girl go pretend to love you and dump you after marriage.”

IrisDBlaq: “Even if am in a relationship I remain single a mean what if this happens I will always be single even after my wedding I swear.”

Adaeze_jessica: “Boys everywhere, you’re posting here with the hope she’ll see it and understand. “Mr boi,go and talk to her even if you guys will separate,do it well.”

Dorah k: “No worry she noticed everything…she was even pretending but you didn’t know.”

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