Nigerian man expresses shock after his date in UK paid for their entire meal

A Nigerian man has shared his experience with a woman in the United Kingdom and she impressed him with her action.

The Twitter user @montelookast said that they went on a date and after enjoying their snack and drinks she offered to pay for everything.

According to the young guy, he wanted to pay £20 (N10,500) for what they consumed but she insisted since she is the one who asked him out.

He said that the incident left him feeling uneasy as he could not imagine a woman paying for him

@montelookast wrote;

”Went on a date today, reached out to get drinks and some snacks totalling about 20£ and this lady paid. I insisted but she said, she initiated the date so bills on her.

In my mind, I was like “God, na me woman blow money for e head for this UK so? Hope say everything good!?”

Never felt so uneasy in my life before like i did today.”

See his post:

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