Nigerian lady speaks on polygamy, netizens run wild

A Nigerian lady got netizens talking after she gave hot takes on polygamy which immediately infuriated netizens.

The lady noted that it wasn’t a sin and any man who wanted to be polygamous need not be ashamed of it.

She shared that it was possible to do it the right way which involved telling the first wife that she may not be the only one.

The lady remarked that as long as she agreed, everything was good and after all this omen didn’t mind sharing their man as long he could provide for them all.

She wrote in part: “The way people make it seem like polygamy is a big sin, a crime or a taboo amuses me. There is absolutely nothing wrong with polygamy if it is done the right way. Any man who wishes to be polygamous should not be shamed it is his choice and he has a right to that.”


See reactions:

@akpcharles: “The question is how many men have successfully ran a polygamous home. I want see 5 women who happily shared one man with strong commitment.”

@truthnaked4: “Polygamy is not a taboo in some tradition and religion but how many polygamist has the capacity to do it the right way. Most women who are financially successful would not subscribe to polygamy except their religion permits it.”

@jacksonejikeme: “Will you marry a man who is polygamous in nature?

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