Nigerian lady serves husband empty plate because he refused to assist in the kitchen (Video)

A video which surfaced online shows a Nigerian woman vowing not to cook any food for her husband because he refused to assist her with preparing dinner.

She said that he declined joining her in the kitchen and gave the excuse that he was tired as he just returned from the gym and he also wanted to watch football.

The wife became annoyed as a result of his response, but she playfully vowed not to give him any food, saying that he would watch the football he so craves.

To defend her decision to deprive him of food, she noted how she went to the market to get the foodstuff herself, cooked, washed the kids clothes and did other chores.

In a different part of the clip, she went to the living room and met her husband lying down on the couch. She told him that food was ready and asked if he was ready to eat.

After he said yes, she went inside to bring out an empty plate and served it to her hubby with one stick-it note inside.

He wondered if she was joking but she said that since he wants to watch football rather than help her, then that’s the only ‘food’ he’ll get, adding that he should enjoy the matter.

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