Nigerian lady celebrates mum for being the first woman to bag PhD in her village

A Nigerian lady simply identified as Boma Jacks, has revealed the historic feather of achievement which her mother added to her hat.

She said her mum became the first women in her hometown in Imo state to bag a doctorate degree (PhD).

The proud daughter said her brothers’ threw a party for their mother when she returned home after setting the academic record.

Boma made the revelation while reacting a tweet talking about the way parents in south-east chose to train their daughters and sons after the civil war.

“After the Biafran war, because Igbo families could not afford to train their children in school, we had to make a choice. We chose to send the girls to school while the boys had to get into trade & the apprenticeship programme to help support the women’s education,” the post read.

According to Boma, asides from her mother, she also received congratulations when she graduated from medical school.

She wrote; “This is quite fascinating. My mom was apparently the first woman in her village or LGA (not sure which) in Imo, to bag a PhD & her brothers threw a party to celebrate her. I thought it was absurd at the time, since I grew up in an academic community, but I understand better now.

It’s the same way I got a lot of “Nnem, send your account details, you’ve done us proud!” from my uncles & aunties on my mom’s side, when I graduated med school.

Igbo people have always placed immense value on education, especially the education of their girls. Considering our deeply patriarchal Nigerian culture, it is so beautiful to know that this predates modern views on the importance on educating the girl child. Igbo Amaka.”


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