Nigerian Influencer Pamilerin uses yacht, helicopter to propose to girlfriend

Nigerian Twitter influencer and entrepreneur, Pamilerin Adegoke has gotten engaged to his hearthtrob, Motunrayo.

He proposed to her with a uniquely organised set up which he executed with the help of friend.

Pamilerin and his girlfriend have been dating for 11 weeks, so he decided to make the moment an epic one especially considering that he rented billboards to celebrate her on Valentine’s Day.

The loverboy made plans with friends and they rented a yacht as well as a helicopter which hovered in the sky with ‘Will You Marry Me’ written on the body.

He shared beautiful photos on Twitter and wrote;

”Story Time

”Told @motun_xoxo I have a luxury shoot i want to do for a brand. We started brainstorming together.

Called my business partner @stephen_kobams to ask for his opinion, and he suggested I use a yacht (unknown to her that it was already planned).

Asked her if she would love to feature in the content creation since it’s lifestyle and she said yes (Thank God ). What if she had said no

Boom, we started planning for the Big Day, Stephen as usual (with his super big ideas) said we have to rent a yacht and a small boat (this boy wants to send me back to the trenches, does he think I have money it’s fake life I’m living ooo )

I said no Wahala, let’s get to work. We contacted @autogirlng and she got us one of the finest . I said thank God it’s sorted, then Stephen came again. Pamilerin I have a big idea you need to see the way I looked at him. He said you rented billboard for Valentine, We can’t be ordinary for the proposal (We ke who is spending the money, me not we ). He said let’s rent an Helicopter. For what? Helicopter to fly the “Will you marry me banner” egbami.

We reached out to @verifly and they responded immediately. The D day was approaching. I was on the phone with @timidakolo and told him I was going to propose. He said, so I did not plan of telling him that’s he’s coming. Thank you uncle Timi.

To cut the long story short, make una start to dey save money ooo.. we have a wedding to plan, sorry I’m getting married. I don leave grooms man duty for una.”

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