Nigerian grandma in the US returns $36,000 she found in couch she got online

A Nigerian grandma based in California, United States of America who received a couch from a stranger online for free has returned te sum of $36,000 she found inside the couch.

Vicky Umodu, a resident of San Bernardino County, said she was looking through Craigslist to purchase furniture for her new home when she found some pieces that someone was giving away for free, KGO-TV reported.

“I said, ‘Maybe it’s a gimmick.’ I said, ‘Let me call them,’” Umodu told the outlet.

The woman later learned the family was giving away the furniture due to the recent passing of a loved one, according to the report.

“I just moved in, and I don’t have anything in my house. I was so excited, so we picked it up and brought it in,” Umodu added, KGO-TV reported.

Vicky Umodu said she felt something unusual as she was placing the upholstered cushion on an oversize, cream-colored armchair. The seat cushion seemed off.

She thought perhaps there was a heating pad inside, so she unzipped the cushion, stuck her hand in and felt around.

“It wasn’t a heating pad, but I could feel there was a bunch of paper,” she said. “When I pulled it out, I was shocked.”

The cushion was stuffed with bank deposit envelopes and manila clasp envelopes filled with cash. Most had dollar amounts scrawled on them, as if somebody had been keeping track of what was tucked inside, she said.

In all, more than $36,000 in cash was hidden inside the barrel-backed chair with a scalloped design that Umodu had picked up for nothing.

“It was a lot of money,” said Umodu, who declined to give her age but said she is in her mid-60s.

Although she could have used the cash to buy more furniture and new appliances, Umodu and her son contacted the man who had given her the furniture. The man had kindly thrown in some free kitchenware and other household supplies.

“I knew I couldn’t keep it,” Umodu said of the money, adding that it was not hers. “I knew I had to give it back.”

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