Nigerian award shows are worse than Grammys – Timaya

Nigerian singer, Timaya has compared Nigerian award shows to those organised globally, asserting that the domestic ones lack credibility.

His comparison follows the recent backlash that Recording Academy faced for snubbing all the Nigerian nominees at the 66th edition of the Grammys.

Reacting during a recent interview with The Beat 99.9 FM, Lagos, Timaya said Nigerian awards are even worse than the Grammys in terms of credibility.

The host asked; “What is your take on a lot of people saying the Grammy used Afrobeats and we need to come back home and grow?”

Timaya said; “We don’t need to come back home. Even our own, which credible awards? Is it the Hip-hop awards, Hip TV awards [The Headies]? I don’t even know. They are not credible either. They are even worse than the Grammys.

“If we have a homegrown award that is credible, people would gravitate towards it. But for now, whether you like it or not, Grammy is still Grammy. We don’t have to back down [because Nigerian artists lost this year]. We are going again.”

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