Nigeria is 50 years behind – Rapper Dandizzy shares observation after visiting Kenya, Uganda

Nigerian rapper, Dandizzy, has compared the level of development in his country to that of its African counterparts, Kenya and Uganda.

The rapper asserted that Nigeria is 50 years behind in terms of infrastructural development, and he made the conclusion on the premise of his visit to the two East African nations.

He said the African Giant which Nigeria calls itself, ‘na just for mouth’ and if not for its music export and football, the country should have been closed down.

Dandizzy stated this in reaction to journalist David Hundeyin’s comment that Kenya is better than all the countries in West Africa.

It all started with a Twitter user known as @I_Am_Winter asking; “Abidjan and Nairobi, which is more developed ?


In response, Hundeyin tweeted; “This is not a serious question bro. When Kenya is talking, the whole of West Africa should kneel down and face the wall. There’s no comparison.

Nigeria has more rich individuals than Kenya, but Kenya has a much better off middle class, and also a bigger middle class proportional to its population. So on paper Nigeria is wealthier but if you go there, you will see the truth for yourself. Nobody will have to tell you.”

Weighing into the matter, Dandizzy pointed out that Uganda has stable power supply and basic amenities while Nigeria is unable to provide any in 2024.

The rapper wrote; “Been to Uganda and Kenya and I can tell you that we’re 50 years behind, African giant nah only for mouth, if no be music and football we suppose close this country start afresh. I added Uganda because they have 24/7 light and all the basics, nah we still no get basics for Africa.”

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