Nick Corduff death, obituary: Lisa Corduff husband death in India

Nick Corduff death happened September 2019. Lisa Corduff husband, Nick was holidaying in India when he passed away.

Lisa and Nick Corduff had been partners for 16 years.

Nick Corduff death: Lisa Corduff husband

He left behind Lisa and their three children.

Lisa Corduff announced his death in a post on her Facebook page:

I knew I’d be in Bali with my kids for my 40th. But I didn’t know we’d all be grieving.

For all the things I’m grateful for in the last 40 years, nothing has impacted my life more than loving and being loved by Nick.

Any strength you see in me, any resilience, or any depth – most likely all forged because I was lucky enough to love him in this lifetime.

A week ago we learned of his passing while holidaying in India.

I’ve been grieving the loss of our marriage this year, but nothing could have prepared me for grieving the finality of his death.

He was and will always remain in our hearts an extraordinary human.

There are no words for the sadness I feel that the kids will grow up without him in their lives. It’s just… beyond.

My understanding of death is holding me in good stead and I accept the waves of grief. But navigating the kids is a whole new ball game. Lucky we have extraordinary support.

He has been so present in this business – he was my biggest cheerleader. He appeared in programs, countless social posts, Facebook lives, podcast episodes. If you’ve been here a while, it was to know Nick too.

He grew me.
We loved hard.
And I will miss him.

I cannot respond to messages at this time. I’m busy turning 40 in Bali and enjoying the company of his greatest legacies as we experience the coexistence of grief and joy ❤️

Nick Corduff death, obituary: Lisa Corduff husband death in India

Lisa announced Nick’s funeral comes up tomorrow in a new post on her Facebook page

I don’t know how to do tomorrow.

I literally have no idea how to get up and go to the funeral of my partner of sixteen years – the father of my kids.

How do you even do that??

On World Mental Health Day my hearts breaks for the people who feel like this a lot of the time.

Good people. Exceptional people. Magical people.

Mental illness does not discriminate and it is not weakness.

In fact – if you deal with mental health issues I salute you as a WARRIOR!

Please feel seen and know you are not alone.

You are NOT alone!

You are loved beyond your wildest comprehension and you are not your mental illness.


May Nick’s soul rest in perfect peace.

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