Never allow your woman see your account balance – Olofin Sniper warns

Nigerian singer and show promoter, Olofin Sniper has advised men to never allow their wives or girlfriend’s to know how much they have in the bank.

He issued the warning advise in a post on his Instagram story, stressing that men should ensure their woman never sees their account balance.

The artiste said that they should make their woman realise that having access to his account details is off limits.

According to Olofin Sniper, he cannot over-emphasise the advise enough as one would only learn of its true importance when their woman sees their account balance by chance.

He wrote; ”You need to learn how to make your girl/woman stay out of ur biz ! , that sh** is dangerous! Yes u no go believe till e go happen ! Hustle ground na hustle ground stay disciplined”

See his post;

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