Nashwa Ali Holt death: How Nashwa Ali Holt death happened

Nashwa Ali Holt death happened May 14th, 2019. Dr Holt death just got announced by her only surviving sibling Iman Pahlavi.

Nashwa Ali Holt death lailasnews

Details about how Dr Nashwa death happened, her cause of death are still sketchy at the moment.

Nashwa Ali Holt death:

Holt’s sister Iman Pahlavi wrote on Facebook:

My beautiful sister, Dr. Nashwa Ali Holt, has passed away.

Nashwa means joy and no one could bring joy like Nashwa. Razor-sharp, funny and full of life, she always had so much to say. She was stunningly beautiful, inside and out. She was brilliant and gifted and always had an artistic flair. She had the biggest heart, that would envelop you completely and she loved and cared deeply.

As many of you know, she also had her struggles. Those struggles brought out the worst in her: harsh words and a ferocious fury. Like a storm, these would pass, and she seemed almost bewildered by the damage they had left behind.

I know everyone has their own memories and experiences of Nashwa but I ask, if it is possible, to remember her at her best and forgive her for her worst. She loved everyone deeply and struggled with abandonment that sometimes she had created. If she wasn’t fair or truthful about something, please know that came from fear and pain.

For me, she will forever be my tiny little sister with big round eyes. Her compassion was endless. She genuinely cared about people and their struggles. The world was a richer more dynamic place with her in it. I will never write as well as her or touch people like she did. Today my parents have only one child left.

Her sons, William and Luke, are so very young and have been through so much. Please pray for her and for them. Our hearts are completely broken. Thank you for caring for her beautiful soul.

A touching tribute from Jophiel Philips:

Part of Lauren, Stephanie, and my job is to fight for people who society mistreats. A few years ago we met Dr. Nashwa Ali Holt, she fought incredibly hard to attain justice for herself and her boys.

In a nation that prides itself on justice, a woman like Dr. Holt couldn’t accept an unfair criminal justice system. I’ll never forget the amazing courage she had for her children and how hard she fought. May this beautiful lady Rest In Peace.

May her soul rest in peace.

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8 thoughts on “Nashwa Ali Holt death: How Nashwa Ali Holt death happened

  1. These are sick comments from someone who is supposed to be memorializing her sister:
    “Those struggles brought out the worst in her: harsh words and a ferocious fury.”
    “ She …struggled with abandonment that sometimes she had created. If she wasn’t fair or truthful about something, please know that came from fear and pain.”

  2. This poor woman had been put through so much by having her kids taken away from her by a corrupt judge. Her poor baby boys are with an evil dad and now their mom is gone forever. Nothing could be more heart breaking. Dr. Holt was a smart, successful, accomplished anesthesiologist who was robbed by our judicial system. Shame on the judge.

  3. JusticeNash and Dallas friend,
    Don’t be a jerk and hide behind fake names. You only get to say something if you knew Nash, her family or anything that went on and even then frankly just shut up. It was so awful what happened and your callous comments serve no purpose. Her family doesn’t need to see your comments.

  4. The sister said some very unnecessary words about Nash that reflect badly on her, not Nash.

    What I knew of Nash was that she loved being a mom and the boys were her world. When they were with her, the boys were happy, loved, and well cared for. After the Judge Joan Ryon’s cruel reversal of custody and refusal to acknowledge the overwhelming evidence of abuse, Nash continued to be there for her boys. She missed her children with every cell in her body. Their touch, the way they smelled, the songs they sang together, their very presence. She was proud how L. looked after and was protective of his little brother and how close her boys were to each other. Every other week, she flew from Boston to DC to meet with them for the 1 1/2 supervised visitations the judge allotted her. The trips were time consuming and expensive, and to be honest, extremely traumatic and draining for her. Their desperate pleas for their mother to take them with her, how disappointed they were when she couldn’t, the condition she saw them in and what they tried to share with her broke her heart. She was anguished that she couldn’t protect them and she wasn’t even allowed to bring snacks to share with them. Nash was never accused of abuse or violence, yet she was treated like a criminal and humiliated, all because she brought one of the children to the hospital and the hospital reported sexual abuse. Sadly, the facts and law just didn’t matter in her case. There were greater powers making the decisions and protecting a man with a history of domestic abuse against Nash. After all the misconduct they committed against Nash, they had no other choice but to villify her to justify their actions. In the end, I believe all the stress got to her heart. She complained of chest pains in the weeks before she died. I believe she literally died of heartbreak. She didn’t deserve what they did to her. #justicefornash

  5. I agree with you Amy. I thought that the responses were from people who had no knowledge of her other than what they just read. I know that Nash could push people away and I think her sister was right in that it was from fear and pain. None of what went on makes sense and the justice system is a vortex of craziness and nonsensical responses. I think the line “remember her for her best, forgive her for her worst” could be applied to all of us. She fought and fought and was broken by the system but no one will ever question her love for her boys.

  6. I worked with Dr. Holt and she related to me her struggles with custody issues regarding her husband. She was a wonderful provider and a warm caring person. I always felt helpless when she related to me her struggles. I always feared something bad would happen to her or her children. I am truly shocked and saddened by her loss. I never saw anything bad from her despite the burden she had to bear.

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