Naira Scarcity: Kogi Sex workers introduce PoS

Sex workers in Kogi State say they are not left behind in the biting scarcity of naira notes in Nigeria.

Inquiries show they now carry POS to avoid being defrauded by their customers when they do bank transfer.

Since the Central Bank of Nigeria, (CBN) announced February 10, 2023, as the deadline for the swap of old naira notes to new naira notes, many Nigerians have found it hard to do transactions, even though they have money in their bank account.

The naira became an emergency gold in Nigeria, as anyone in custody of the new 500 and 1000 notes is treated like a king.

Just as many people in the country, including residents of Kogi State are obeying President Muhammadu Buhari’s pronouncement on the usage of new naira notes, business owners, including sex workers (prostitutes) have now opted to collect transfer or use POS machines to sustain their businesses in Kogi.

In Lokoja, some of the popular hot spots where prostitutes gather between 7:30 PM in the evening to do their business are Nigeria Television Authority, (NTA), roundabout, Jackins, Nigeria Union of Journalists, (NUJ) road and 16 Hours drinking spot.

Other prominent spots where sex workers gather in Lokoja include Lounge 1, in Phase one Lokoja, Federal Medical Center, (FMC), road, Ganaja Junction by flyover, Felele axis, and many more.

In these flash points, the sex hawkers wait for their customers to patronise them, with both parties agreeing on an amount before sex.

In these areas, some of the sex hawkers who do not have a specific hotel, or their customers can’t afford one, decide to have quick sex outside in a dark place.

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