N5million is ‘change’ to me – Phyna

Winner of Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ season, Josephina Otabor popularly known as Phyna has boasted that N5 million is nothing to her.

She stated this in reaction to those who doubted her claim of turning down a man who offered her N5 million for the night.

It may be recalled that few days ago, Phyna claimed that a man approached her in a night club and offered that amount to sleep with her.

She shared her personal experience while lamenting with colleague, Uriel about how BBNaija female stars are profiled as “runs girl”.

Phyna said; “I went to a club one day, club wey be say I dey ball. I dey turn up by myself. One guy just come with chains all over his neck and said, ‘Hi, Phyna. I am your fan. I want to take a picture.’ We took pictures. And then he was like, ‘Can I spend the night with you for N5 million?’

“I looked at him and asked him to call his account number for me to credit him N5 million so he can leave. And he was like, ‘No, I’m sorry that’s not what..’ And I asked him to leave my presence.”

Many fans including her fellow BBNaija alumni, DeeOne expressed disbelief and challenged the Edo-born brand influncr to provide evidence.

However, during a recent chat with Tacha on Cool FM’s Big Friday Show, Phyna said those doubting her were only doing so because they felt the offer was too tempting.

According to the realty TV star, she didn’t think twice to reject the money because the figure he offered (Five million naira) is ‘change.’

Phyna said; “How much is N5 million? N5 million is just $5,000. N5 million? That’s change. N5 million is something I can make in my comfort zone, in my house. I don’t need to open my door to go and make N5 million.

“Even if I were not Phyna. Even if I were a normal poor girl, you can’t just walk up to me just like that, you want kill me? What do you want to do? What’s so special about me that you want to give me N5 million just like that?”

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