My sister’s husband smells her undies to detect if she’s being with a man – Nigerian man

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to call out his in-law whom he accused of always taking fun in sniffing his wife’s pants anytime she comes home.

In a post on Nairaland, the man listed all the ‘atrocities’ his in-law usually commits, which also includes incessant beating of his wife and disregard for their family.

Read his full post below:

Please this is a serious case she happens to be my younger sister I’m putting this up on her behalf.

1. The husband doesn’t give her money for upkeep.

2. Most times he beat her up mercilessly.

3. Disgraced her in the compound by telling a mechanic that she doesn’t wear pants.

4. Treat her like rag.

5. Doesn’t have regard for my family.

6. Monitor her everywhere and accuse her wrongly of following men, this is someone that they’ve been married for more than 15yrs and have 4kids together.

7. Always accuse her wrongly of stealing his money.

8. Follow her to the market and pays for any food items she buys.

9. The little money my sister earns as a teacher he will make sure she spends all the money at home.

10. Locks his phone but told my sister to always unlock her own so he will be seeing all her messages and calls. Even put tracker on her phone to monitor her calls.

11. Smells my sister’s undies atimes to know if she went to meet a man.

12. There was a time my sister was into restaurant business the husband didn’t allow the business to last, he told her customers should not sit down to eat they can only buy and go.

13. He now bought a Sienna he still put tracker to monitor the car and inner tracker to monitor calls inside the car. If he noticed some conversation in the car he will start calling my sister, if she doesn’t pick while driving he will start insulting her.

14. He pays the children school fees and house rent with complains. They’re living at Ajah.

Although I have reported the case to Human Rights. Please what advice can you give if she’s your sister.

Note: They dated long before marriage almost 5yrs, but I wonder why she didn’t see those red flags then.

Women should be careful in their choice of selection, most men pretends to be nice during dating but not knowing they’re beast in human form.


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