My husband is overreacting because he discovered our first child is not his – Woman cries out

A Nigerian woman has taken to social media to lament because she claims her husband is overreacting to paternity fraud as he discovers their five-year-old is not his and now demands a divorce.

She disclosed that they had been married for six years and he recently discovered that he was not the biological father of their five-year-old first child.

The woman said that her husband had been told by a friend that the kid was not his, so he had a DNA test, the results of which validated his suspicions.

She wants her husband to just accept their baby since she thinks he is overreacting to the paternity fraud and the child is still the same regardless of the results of the DNA test.

She questioned why they couldn’t simply pray about the developments, welcome God into their household, and get over the difficult situation.

In her words,

“My husband of 6 years is divorcing me because he discovered that our first born is not his child. A friend sold me out and my husband demanded a paternity test which came out negative.

The child is 5 this year. Am I wrong to think my husband is overreacting? He loves this child and has been a good father from birth. Why is he letting a mere test change all this? The child is still the same. Intelligent, humble, loving and cute. Why can’t we pray about it and invite God to our house? I am so drained right now.”

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