My girlfriend’s married colleague takes her out, threw birthday party for her – Man cries out

A Nigerian man identified as Remy Best has cries out about a married man at his girlfriend’s place of work who is treating her like his babe.

He revealed that the man takes her out, uses his car to teach her how to drive, and even assigned a driver to convey her to any place she wishes to visit.

According to him, the married man also threw a lavish party for his girlfriend and bought her loads of gifts on her birthday.

The boyfriend known as @add1ction99 on Twitter said he complained about it to her but she defended herself by saying she has not done anything with her colleague.

He wrote; “This is the biggest issue I’m having right now in my relationship. This married man at my gf’s work keeps taking her out, he even tried to teach her how to drive so she will be able to use his car whenever she wants even allocated a driver to her whenever she needs to go out..👇

Her birthday was last week and he threw a lavish party for her and bought her gifts… I have tried many times to make her see how this is wrong for both our relationship and the man’s marriage, but she keeps insisting that she has not done anything with the man…

She said the man told her “he just likes her” and that I’m being too insecure… We’ve fought many times and I’ve given up on talking about it. I’m just waiting till whatever they r doing calms down and I’ll do it X5. I’m documenting everything they r doing and I’m going to do the exact same thing with at least 5 other girls I know she’s jealous of me being friends with.”


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