My dad’s richer than all your dads – Naira Marley’s daughter

A viral video that featured brags from the daughter of Nigerian music sensation Naira Marley sparked a major online frenzy.

In the clip, the 8-year-old confidently flaunted her father’s wealth, proudly asserting that he is richer than the fathers of all her friends.

She advised others not to get overly excited when their own fathers make money, as it couldn’t surpass the immense wealth of her own father.

In the trending video, the little girl said;

“My dad is richer than any of your dads. So watch out because my dad is richer than any of your dads. So don’t be too excited. I bet the first time your dad had 100 pounds, you were very excited. Don’t be too excited. My dad has more money,”

The reaction from Netizens after viewing the clip showed that they weren’t pleased with the eloquence and choice-words of the girl.

One of the netizens wrote,

@Manarisa: “She speaks fluently, but why on earth would anyone allow his/her kid to be this mean at such a tender age? This is seriously not funny. We need to be mindful of the things we promote in front of kids.”


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