My boss’s wife wants to sleep with me – Nigerian man cries out for help

A man cried out for help on the social space as he shared a major problem he was facing at his place of work.

In an anonymous message that was sent to a Twitter user, @AfamDeluxo, the unidentified man narrated his story.

According to him, he had been working at his place of work for a while now but his boss’s wife has been doing anything and everything to get in bed with him.

He shared that the woman had been flirting with him by asking him silly questions and he knew but ignored it.

However, he couldn’t help but seek the help of people when one faithful day, his boss’s wife called him and started rubbing his body.

The perplexed man said he loves his job and would never indulge her desires because he knows the consequences both ‘physical and spiritual’.

He cried out to people to advise him on what to do and how to reject the woman’s advances without losing his job.

See his post below:

Just like the man had pleaded for advice, many social media users did not disappoint. See some comments below;

@FireiceN: My advice to this guy is to always keep his phone on recording whenever she’s around. Discreetly gather as much evidence as possible. It might save you one day.

@IamEkene_: Save him from who? The man who doesn’t know his wife has such tendencies or even if he does, won’t be able to side an outsider? What if it’s the plan to avoid settling him? Get him roped in a scandal & discard him like a bad habit. I dunno how to advise him but he should be careful.

@ChiedozieHez: Run 🏃‍♂️ ohh!! If dem no settle you come back here we will raise money you! What will be, will be! Refuse her overtures so you don’t destroy your future. Abundant blessings!!

@elluup74: You need evidence against your boss’s wife. No matter what happens, try to record her someday when she is trying to seduce you. Get both audio and visual evidence. You need it, bro…

@victorchrisO: Kneel down and beg her to have mercy on you. Cry onto God in her presence. Add fasting and prayer. If you stay with your boss, follow him everywhere. Tell him this is the time to learn all you can learn from him. You must not be in that house alone with her.

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