Music is God’s gift to me – Carter Efe

Nigerian online comedian turned artiste, Efe Oderhohwo better known as Carter Efe, has revealed that he doesn’t plan to separate his comedy from music.

The ‘Machala’ hit-maker said music is a gift from God to him and it is not distinct from comedy as far as his craft is concerned.

Speaking in an interview with Saturday Beats, Carter Efe, who recently welcomed a baby with his girlfriend, gave clarification that he is not dumping comedy to be a full-time artiste.

He said; “Music is a gift from God to me. When I came out with the ‘states and capital’ song, it went viral beyond my expectations. I know it is a funny song but then, I am a comedian. I usually obey my instincts. And, when I feel like it, I call another artiste. Music and comedy are not distinct for me, and I won’t be separating them.”

Furthermore, the controversial comic act talked about some of the simple things he misses about his life before he became a celebrity.

Carter Efe said; “Before, I could go out to play football or take a walk to something for myself. Now, I cannot do things anyhow. I miss a lot of things, but as long I am making money, I am okay.”

On how being a father has affected him, Carter said he has stopped certain weird displays, such as making videos of himself dancing in his underwear.

According to Carter Efe, fatherhood made him to upgrade his craft as he’s come to understand that if one does the same thing repeatedly, it will bore people with time.

He said; “I do things differently now because I am a dad. There are some things I did before that I don’t do again, such as posting videos of myself online dancing and wearing only boxers. It (fatherhood) has made me upgrade my craft. I also can’t keep doing the same things, because people get tired with time.”

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