Mum furious after nanny leaves mark on her baby’s cheek

An angry mother has lamented over how a daycare teacher gave her daughter four marks on her cheeks without her consent.

In a picture of the child posted on Facebook by the Ilorin-based radio station Sobi Fm, four extensive marks can be seen on the child’s right cheek.

The teacher, however, steadfastly maintained that everything was a coincidence and that nothing was done on purpose.

The teacher claimed that while she was preparing food, she was unaware that the child was standing next to her, and a hot fork accidentally touched her cheek, hence the marks.

The mother posted about the issue in a Facebook group where other mothers could offer advice on how to get rid of the marks.

The mother wrote:

“Mummies in house pls help a worried mother, I registered my baby in one daycare close to my shop. So after closing, I went to pick my child. So on getting there, her teacher started begging me that she mistakenly burnt my baby face with a hot fork. According to her, she said she didn’t know my baby was standing behind her while she was cooking. So this is my baby’s face after the black ones have peeled off. Will the mark go away? What should I apply to make this mark go pls help.”

Mother angry as daycare teacher gives child four long tribal mark on cheeks

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