Mr. Patrick mentions names of friends trying to get him deported from US

Nigerian comedian and actor, Mr. Patrick says that there are people close to him working hard to see that he is deported from the United States.

The comic star went on a rant in video posted on social media as he accused his friends of trying to see to his downfall.

Mr Patrick recalled the allegations his wife levelled against him online in October 2021, and noted that his friends were responsible.

He mentioned names of the accused friends and said that they were misinforming his wife and making her believe he is an unfaithful husband.

He added that they specifically advised his wife to ensure that he gets deported for being a cheat, but he noted that deportation is not done that way especially considering that he has a clean record.

Mr. Patrick revealed that he already had a green card before moving to USA and he is not like some people that marry natives of their host country to secure green card.

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