Mr Jollof apologises to Duncan Mighty

Nigerian comedian, Freedom Okpetoritse Atsepoyi, popularly known as Mr Jollof, has apologised to singer Duncan Mighty after calling him out for refusing to show up for his concert in Warri, Delta State, after being paid N3 million.

Mr Jollof recently called out Duncan Mighty for reneging on his contract after collecting N3 million and demanded a refund.

The comedian has now apologised to the Port Harcourt-born singer after being refunded.

In a video message shared via his Instagram page, Mr Jollof explained that he called out Duncan Mighty because he was wrongly advised that the singer won’t refund him.

He said, “Bros, abeg no vex. We youths we are quick to react due to stigmatisation. I didn’t believe you would scam me but the advices I was receiving from people was why I called you out.

“Please don’t be angry with me. All my threats were mere rantings. Forgive me, I’m not perfect.”

He also apologised to DJ Barbie after getting a refund of the N600,000 he sent to her.

Mr Jollof had previously called out DJ Barbie for failing to show up for the same show after receiving payment.

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