Most good women don’t know how to dress – Apostle Okose

Apostle Okose Emmanuel, the Founder of The Evidence Nation shares most men marry wrongly because most good women lack good sense of dressing.

He mentioned that men are attracted by what they see but a lot of good women are reserved and well behaved but their dress sense is poor. Good women don’t dress to be sexually attractive.

In contrary, he stated that bad girls know how to take care of themselves to dress fashionably to attract men.

He said,

“a lot of good women are very very over good in everything, they don’t know how to dress, they are not outgoing you don’t see them everywhere they are not in parties, they are just very very reserved”.

He explained that good women can do better in their dressing, most of the bad girls who turn side chicks will not be winning. Men show affection to women that dress well especially women who are flashy.

Many disagreed with the apostle perspective for comparing the sense of dressing of good women and side chicks.

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