Mohbad died before we arrived hospital – Wife

Omowunmi Aloba, wife of the singer IleriOluwa Aloba better known as Mohbad, told the coroner inquest sitting at Ikorodu on Tuesday that Mohbad had died long before he was declared dead due to past incidents of bullying, psychological trauma, and his ordeal with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency.

Mohbad’s widow testified that he died in his room on Tuesday, September 12, 2023, in the afternoon.

Wunmi told the court that before his death, Mohbad had showered and was not feeling well, so he asked that they switch on the air conditioner in his room, but the AC was not working, so they rushed him to the son’s room.

Omowunmi stated that she was in the kitchen while this was happening, adding that when she came out, she saw the nurse injecting him, and she heard Mohbad telling the nurse to remove the syringe.

She further told the coroner that it was at that point that they had to rush him to the hospital.

According to her, he was in the back seat of the car when the driver said his hands were already cold.

“Immediately I called a bike (motorcycle), OG, his friend, and Mohbad entered the bike, then I took another bike and went straight to the hospital.

“It was the doctor, nurses, the Disc Jokey, and Mohbad ‘s brother that were inside the room while I was outside when they told me that he was dead, I said it was not possible because I still spoke to him 20 minutes ago and he said after his injection, he would take his son for five months photo shoot,” she said.

Speaking on her strained relationship with her father-in-law, Wunmi told the coroner, Magistrate Adedayo Shotobi, that Mohbad’s father became upset with her because Mohbad decided not to hold their son Liam’s naming ceremony in Ikorodu.

She said, “I used to have a very good relationship with my father-in-law before the birth of my son, Liam. In fact, I used to invite him to our house on many occasions.

“But because Mohbad was angry with him over some of the things he was doing and his refusal to hold our son’s naming ceremony in Ikorodu, he became angry with me, thinking I was the one behind it all.

“So he became my enemy and was not talking to me like before.”

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