Meghan Markle of Nigerian descent, Prince Harry reveals

Meghan Markle is of Nigerian descent, Prince Harry her husband has reveale during the opening speech at the Invictus Games Dusseldorf 2023.

“We’re really excited to have new nations join us,” the Prince told the crowd. “Let’s hear it for Colombia, Israel and Nigeria. I’m not saying we play favorites in my home, but since my wife discovered that she is of Nigerian descent it’s likely to get a little bit more competitive this year.”

Meghan shared in her Archetypes podcast last October that she had discovered through a genealogy test that she was 43% Nigerian. The Duchess was not at the opening ceremony but will be joining her husband in Düsseldorf on Monday September 11 and will attend the closing ceremony.

While speaking with Nigerian-American actor Ziwe Fumodoh, Meghan opened up that she had done her genealogy “a couple of years ago”.

She however admitted that she did not know the specific tribe her ancestors were from but was planning to “start to dig deeper into all of this”.

The Duchess – whose mother is African-American and her father Caucasian – has frequently spoken about her experiences as a bi-racial woman.

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