Marrying 2nd wife brought me blessings and elevated my two wives – Yul Edochie

Nollywood star, Yul Edochie has revealed that marrying a second wife has brought blessings into his life and also elevated the status of his two wives.

In April, the actor unveiled his second wife, Judy Austin Moghalu, and their baby despite still being married to his first wife, May Aligwe, for 17 years with four kids.

Although he has been under heavy fire on social media ever since he made the revelation, Edochie has taken to his Instagram page to reveal how his decision brought him a fortune.

In the lengthy post, the actor talked about his relationship with God, polygamy, white men, and the blessings of his two wives, while describing himself as the biblical David.

He wrote, “God works in mysterious ways. Marrying a 2nd wife has brought me blessings and also elevated my two lovely wives. Sometimes it takes the things we see as disappointments to happen for elevation to come.

“It happened many times in the bible, just like the case of Joseph. I’m a man after God’s heart. I’m like King David in the bible. I communicate with my God and He guides me every day.”

“I wronged my wife May from the way I went about it, and I have apologized to her sincerely from the bottom of my heart, but in the eyes of God things are different. God blesses differently. His ways are not our ways.

“Our destinies are different. Don’t be deceived by the white man’s culture. Same White people that condemn polygamy are encouraging men to marry their fellow men. In the end, judgment is for God. Even white people don’t understand God fully. Nobody does, actually. That’s why He remains God.

“Many great men in the bible had one wife, many great men in the same bible also had more than one wife. And if that happens to be your destiny God will elevate you and elevate all that concerns you through it.

“My wife May just signed her first endorsement deal. Something that never happened all these years. And this came from what many saw as a disappointment. I have realized that God’s ways are different. Many more deals will still come to her cos she’s a wonderful person.

“So is my wife Judy. She has also been elevated. Now widely known, her career is bigger with a whole lot going for her as well. Let me not even talk about myself. My stardom has tripled. My name is being mentioned in places it never got to before. My children are blessed.

“Summary: The ways of God are different. Our destinies are not the same. You may not understand another man’s destiny and that’s because you’re not supposed to, except your own.

“If God gives you more than one wife it will come with blessings and elevation. Run your race and put God first in all you do. He speaks to each of us differently. Love and Peace to us all.”

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