Married man discovers he has a daughter with ex-girlfriend

A married man recently received a call from his ex-girlfriend who claimed he was the father of her four-year-old daughter.

The man has been married for more than two years and has just had his first child with his wife.

However, he was very shocked when his ex-girlfriend called him on the phone the previous week to congratulate him on his new child.

When he received the call from the lady, congratulating him on the arrival of his first child, she informed him of his relationship with her first-born daughter, who was four years old.

According to her, the man was actually his biological child. She explained that she had been two months pregnant before she tied the knot with her current husband, who thought the baby was his.

She further explained why she decided not to tell him the truth, which was because she was scared to lose her husband.

The man, who wished to remain unidentified, said he was confused and did not know what to do or how to feel. He expressed his profound love for his wife and his newborn son, but also claimed he felt a connection to the little girl he is yet to meet.

He asked online if he should make his wife aware of the situation or keep it a secret till he is ready to divulge it. He was also seeking to know if he should get involved in the little girl’s life as she is growing or stay on his lane to avoid creating issues between his ex-girlfriend and her current husband.

Social media reactions:

Edith Tochukwu said: “What should you do how? If you like don’t face your family. Drama kings and queens everywhere.”

Chinelo Florence wrote: “I been wan vex for that comment, but after remembering wetin Dorothy do me years ago, I had to support the comment with a bowl of well pounded fufu.”

Grace Uchenna also commented: “This lady want to destroy this man sha.”

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