Marital Crisis: Ay Makun and wife, Mabel unfollow each other on Instagram

Looks like there might be turbulence in the marital skies of the well-known comedian and filmmaker Ayo Makun and his lovely wife, Mabel Makun.

Mabek Makun recently took to her page, dropped cryptic posts online, hinting at a stormy marital situation and crying foul over life-threatening concerns.

Digging deeper into the drama, it was confirmed that Ayo Makun and his better half hit the unfollow button on each other’s Instagram accounts. As of this report, the once social media-savvy couple has bid farewell to the follow train.

Mabel caused a stir earlier after speaking out about a supposed danger to her life.

The interior designer posted online that she would be heading to the police because she could no longer take the threats.

Mabel was clear that the danger she was facing had escalated to a breaking point and that she would be holding someone specifically responsible if anything bad happened to her.

She, however, noted that she was resorting to the police station right away but was yet to reveal who her prime suspect was.

“The threat to my life is actually getting out of hand, and if anything happens to me, there is just one person to be held responsible. Headed to the police station,” she wrote.

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