Many people don’t believe that as handsome as I am, I’m still single – Daniel Regha

Nigerian social media critic, Daniel Regha has left netizens with their mouth aghast following his post about being handsome.

The controversial influencer stated that many people find it hard to believe that despite how good looking he is, he is still single.

Taking to his Twitter account, Regha pointed out that the one major disadvantage of being a good-looking man is that a lot of people will naturally think he has it easy.

The young man admitted that people usually who tell him that he is handsome, also wonder why he is not rich or in a stable relationship.

Daniel Regha added that their perception shows how most people automatically believe that the world revolves around handsome people.

He wrote; “One of the biggest disadvantages of being a handsome guy is that many people think u have it easy; People often tell me “A whole fine boy like u no get money, fine guy like u dey single” etc. Most people assume that the world revolves around anyone handsome, but that’s not the case.”

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