Man who used girlfriend’s car to carry side chic involved in ghastly accident

A South African lady identified as Sethume Sefoka has shared a shocking story of a man’s unfaithfulness that ended in an unforeseen tragedy.

She revealed that her friend gave her boyfriend her car to use over the weekend but he decided to take advantage of the opportunity and drive his side chic out.

The girlfriend, however, got a notification from the car’s tracker that the vehicle has been involved in an accident.

She visited the hospital where her boyfriend was hospitalised, and that was when she realised that he was with another woman when the accident occurred. They are both in the intensive care unit at the infirmary.

Sethume wrote; ”My friend borrowed her boyfriend her car over the weekend. She was informed by tracker that it was involved in an accident, arriving at the hospital she found that he was with another girlfriend and they are both in ICU.

The car is damaged beyond repair.😭 she can’t stop sighing.”

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