Man who budgeted N1m for wedding calls it off because fiancée said ‘it’s too small’

A Nigerian man has reportedly called off his wedding after his fiancée complained about the amount he budgeted to host the ceremony.

He revealed that he only has N1 million for the wedding but his wife-to-be who wanted it to be extravagant said that amount was too small.

According to a Twitter user, what the man budgeted earlier was lesser than that but because of his in-laws financial troubles, he increased it.

But she insisted that N1 million was not enough, so seeing as he thought she was out to empty his pocket, he called off the marriage and broke up with his fiancee.

The Twitter user wrote; ”Heard a gist of this guy that told his babe that he only has ₦1M to spend on their wedding. According to him, he upped the budget to 1M cos the lady’s family were having a bad time financially. But the lady insisted 1M is too small, so the guy cancelled the wedding and japa to UK

Let me add a bit of background so you can see that boys are trying . The would be best man told me his friend initially wanted a very lowkey stuff cos money no too dey and the fact that he’s the only one to shoulder everything.

It was out of i want to satisfy my babe that made him shift ground only for her to say 1m sef no go reach. This is a woman that will not be spending a dime o. Even the schools they applied to for Msc as a means to japa after wedding,it was the guy footing all the bills. You get !”

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