Man reportedly dies of shock after wife abroad got pregnant for another man

A man reportedly died of shock after he discovered that his wife he sponsored abroad with their kids had gotten pregnant with another man’s child.

The story was shared on the micro-blogging platform by a Tweep identified as @BolanleCole.

According to BolanleCole, the man had struggled to send his wife and kids to Liverpool, UK so they can have a better life.

However, the wife went there and began having extramarital affairs with other men until she got pregnant.

The shock of the news had been too much for the man which reportedly led to his demise.

@BolanleCole wrote:

“A man struggled and sent his wife and two kids to Liverpool in uk for better life and conducive environment only for the wife to start having affairs with another man and even got pregnant for the man.

The husband in Nigeria didn’t know until the woman gave birth, it was the shock of the news that killed the man.

Things are happening.”


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