Man narrates how a lady’s lie about her father being sick caused him to later die

A Nigerian man has narrated a tragic story of a girl losing her father because she was dishonest about his health status.

The narrator with Twitter username @justviccetti, said she lied that her dad was ill and used it to extort money from him.

However, in 2021, she again told her that her dad was battling an ailment and needed money for treatment but he did not believe her because of what happened before.

According to @justviccetti, the man later died and the girl blamed him for it because he refused to give her the money to pay the bill.

He said when she called him the second time, he lied that he was going to the bank to send the money to her and the man died the next day and he blamed himself.

In his words; “Let me tell you a story. This girl blamed me for her Dad’s death in 2021 cos I refused to give her money for his treatment cos she had used his health as a lie to collect money from me before. This time around he was actually sick and I thought it was another lie.

She called and called, I wouldn’t pick. I even played along and lied that I was in the bank, to make her think I was actually going to deposit some money to her. I had honestly thought it was another lie.

He died the next day I was in shock for days. I literally blamed myself. I mean, I had the money but I didn’t want to be fooled twice.

Thank God for some few close friends that I confided in and convinced me that it wasn’t my fault. Why am I sharing this? Your friend might find herself in the same situation and she’ll probably learn the hard way.”


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