Man disappointed at his date after she asked for bill but refused to pay

A Nigerian man identified as @ideozu_joshua on Twitter, has opened up on the reason why he decided to cut off a lady after their first date.

He said the lady requested for the bill when they were at a restaurant, and he thought she wanted to pay, but was not the case.

Joshua asked if she intended to pay for what they ordered, but she quickly responded that she is not a feminist.

According to the young man, she then took a photo of the bill and handed it to him to settle with the waiter.

He shared the story in response to a tweet by @Buttergirlll which read; “You went on a first date with him / her and decided never to see them again. What happened hun??”

Joshua tweeted; “She asked for the bill when the waiter brought it, I asked “you want to pay ?” She replied “ahhh god forbid oh , I’m not a feminist pls” Did snap of the bill and handed it back to me.”

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