Man devastated after finding HIV medication his wife hid throughout their 3-year marriage

An African man has revealed that he found out his wife is HIV positive but she kept it a secret since they got married.

He discovered the anti-retroviral drugs she has been taking for three years, well hidden in their living room.

The husband said the revelation came to him while praying and that was how he was directed to where his wife hid the drugs behind the couch.

In the video circulating online , he pulled out the ARV’s and discovered that his wife had also removed the labels, thereby making it harder for anyone to figure out that it was for HIV.

The discovery came with devastation as the man said he felt hurt that she did such to him without any care of concern for his life or that of their kids.

He lamented about how he trusted her and stood with her in good and bad times only for the woman to pay him back with betrayal. He showed off the tablets inside the medicine container and later put them all back.


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