Man breaks down after finding out his 2-yr-old daughter and newborn son are not his

An Black American man visited Paternity Court to find out if he is the father of the little girl he has been raising as his child and the result left him devastated.

He discovered that he is not the biological father of his two-year-old daughter and on hearing the news, broke down in tears.

The man, however, said that he would continue to take care of her because he is the only one she calls ‘daddy’.

He also sought to know if the baby boy his partner just recently gave birth to belongs to him, but he also received a shocking news that the newborn is not his biological child.

The man was totally shattered as he lamented over how he did everything and bought baby items only for him to be told that none of the children are his. When asked if she knows the father or fathers’ of the two children, the woman said no.

Watch the video below:

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