Man banned from Canada for 5 years after paying N15 million and getting fake job offer

A Nigerian man has shared the unexpected events that took place after he paid a travel agent N15 million to secure him a job and a visa to Canada.

According to Grama Shasha who shared the man’s story on TikTok, he wanted to relocate to Canada with his family, but was however given a fake employment letter by the agency he worked with.

The travel agency disappeared after that and the man went to another agent since he wasn’t sure what to do and gave him the letter containing the job offer.

The new agent’s application for the man’s Canadian visa was examined by the embassy, and it was discovered that the job offer letter was a fake.

The man’s visa application was denied, and he was also denied entry to Canada for a period of five years. The individual mistakenly obtained the phony employment offer letter from the travel agent, which led to the ban.


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