Man bags life imprisonment for killing his wife after his close friend caught her cheating

A man has taken to social media to share the heart-wrenching story about how his friend’s marriage and family fell apart due to a series of tragic occurrences.

The Twitter user @SouthSideGAClay said he spotted his friend’s wife having fun with her lover at a night club and he felt the need to inform her husband.

He took a photo of her while she was with the guy and sent to his friend, asking him if he was aware of his wife’s activities.

Unfortunately, he learnt the next day that the woman was killed by her husband, whom he reported to. People were sharing her photos with the RIP caption and that was when he realised that tragedy had occurred.

He said his friend was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing his wife and he has not spoken to him since he was jailed.

He wrote; “I learned never to speak on a woman’s infidelity when I was in the club one night and in the section next to mine I saw a woman, pretty much draped over the guy there. Rubbing on him, standing on the couch. Etc. it was my homie’s wife.

She never sees me (guess she was too engulfed in her good time) but I’m able to snap a pic once the light hit her. Sent it to my homie like “did u know about this?” Next morning I see all kinds of RIP posts from people we went to high school with. He killed her and is doing life

I just.. what people got going on is their business. When they find out is when they find out. I dealt with guilt for a while like was it bc I said something? He felt embarrassed bc I seen it? Idk.. none of us knew he had that side in him.

I guess I have to break this down.. I’ve personally, PERSONALLY, seen people crash out over women. Over the perceived possession of them. This involves men, lesbian couples, etc.

This is where I LEARNED to not do anything to disturb that bc something crazy happened. I’m not friends w him anymore bc he’s doing life. I can’t talk to him. I’m human enough to miss my friend. Last time I talked to him, he told me he loved me and he’s sorry. That was it. No other thing was said. Her family never blamed me. Nobody tried to slide on me etc.

I feel bad for her. She didn’t deserve what came. I never saw that side of him, none of us in our friend group did. Y’all have babies by people and swear u didn’t know what they were like but I’m supposed to know he’s capable of what he did?!”


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