Man arrested for visiting in-laws empty handed

A 60-year-old Ugandan man, identified as Samuel Maikut, found himself in police custody after visiting his in-laws to seek the hand of his lover in marriage without fulfilling the traditional requirement of bringing a dowry.

The incident unfolded in Bukwo District when Maikut, the suitor, visited his in-laws’ residence without the expected dowry, leaving the bride-to-be’s family both shocked and angered.

It was reported that Maikut, in an unconventional move, informed the family that he intended to marry their daughter in a traditional manner and thus expected them to bear the expenses of organizing the introduction ceremony.

The bride’s family reportedly invested a considerable amount, totaling $1200, in preparations for the ceremony, anticipating Maikut’s arrival with four cows and three goats, as had been agreed upon.

However, when the eagerly awaited D-Day arrived, Maikut showed up empty-handed, violating the agreed-upon terms.

Adding to the disappointment, Maikut arrived late, appearing 20 minutes behind the scheduled time of 5 pm.

This tardiness, coupled with his failure to bring the promised dowry, led to a tense atmosphere.

The bride’s family, understandably upset, interrogated Maikut regarding his failure to honour the agreement, to which he could not provide a satisfactory explanation.

Fearing escalating tensions and a potential physical altercation, the local authorities were summoned, resulting in Maikut’s arrest by the police.

Subsequently, the 60-year-old expressed remorse for the unfortunate turn of events and pledged to compensate the bride’s family for the financial losses incurred due to the failed ceremony.

Maikut, in his defense, shifted blame onto his organizing team, citing challenges that he failed to elaborate on.

“I am sorry for what happened, but I am ready to discuss issues of compensation for the losses involved in the function,” the man said.

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