Male employee wears short skirt to work after men were banned from wearing shorts despite the summer heat

A man on social media simply identified as Jesse Thomas has become and Internet Sensation after he wore a skirt to work because the company he works for banned men from wearing shorts despite the summer heat.

In some parts of the world, a phenomenom which meterologists call an “apocaplypse” has seen the UK encountering one of the hottest summers ever.

The extreme summer heat wave also caused a runway to “melt” at Royal Air Force Airport.

Due to the heat, Brists have been trying to deal with the heat wave by wearing less as they dumped their suits for shorts.

However, Thomas’ company decided to ban shorts and a he found a way to protest against the ban by wearing a skirt to work.

He shared a photo of himself in a shirt tucked into a skirt on Twitter

Sharing the photo, he wrote ; “Work dress code states no shorts.”

For the first time, the Met Office issued a “Red warning” in response to the extraordinary heat.

Paul Gundersen who is the Met Office Chief Meteorologist said in a statement: “It is important people plan for the heat and consider changing their routines. This level of heat can have adverse health effects.”

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