Lourdes Ruiz death: How Lourdes Ruiz Tepito died

Lourdes Ruiz death: Here is how Lourdes Ruiz Tepito, the Queen of El Albur de Tepito, Lourdes Ruiz died.

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Lourdes Ruiz death

Lourdes Ruiz, better known as La Reina del Albur from Tepito, died Saturday April 13th 2019.

Alma Eunice Rendón Cárdenas, Deputy Executive Secretary of the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System, posted on her Twitter account:

” With deep sadness I regret the death of a GREAT @Reinadelalbur #Cabrona who taught me everything and the greatness of #BarrioBravo #Tepito and its people. Who live many adventures and projects in favor of the neighborhood and who we will always remember for its magical personality “.

Lourdes made herself known in 1997, when the first “Trompos Pirinolas ” competition was held, where she was crowned champion and defeated even the men who participated.

Lourdes dedicated her life and career to spreading the popular culture of Barrio Bravo de Tepito, a place stigmatized and discriminated against for belonging to the lower class of the capital, as well as for the myths surrounding her insecurity and being the mecca of the piracy and illegal trade.

She taught diplomas on culture, history and even psychology of albur and wrote the book Every time I see you, palpito, with this theme.

Throughout her life, she participated in countless television programs and social programs to change the life and vision that the city has over the Tepito neighborhood.

Lourdes Ruíz funeral:

The body of Lourdes Ruíz will be veiled at the Garcia Funerals of General Prim and Versailles, until 6:00 p.m.. It located in General Prim number 57, near Versailles, Colonia Juarez.


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