Livia Belisle accident: Livia Belisle death, obituary – what happened

Livia Belisle accident: Beloved baby Livia Belisle death, obituary happened 12th October 2019. She was only 20 months old.

Livia Belisle accident: Livia Belisle death, obituary

Please say a prayer for her grieving mom Jessyca Brindle and her spouse Gabriel Bélisle, as well as her brother and sisters, family, loved ones as you read the tributes below:

It is here that we share with you through the texts of our collaborators our sweet memories and our sorrows as a parent. No words, no text can replace the pain of the loss of a child. Today our thoughts will go for our collaborator Jessyca and her family who are going through an unimaginable ordeal. Peace and love 💓

A touching tribute from Jessyca Brindle to her daughter Livia reads:

To our daughter Livia …

On the 12th of October, your sweet life was carried away in a tragic accident.

Dad put his hand on your heart, he was still beating but slowly, which gave us a slight surge of hope. He was shouting your name, he was hoping so much that you too shouted, that you were waking up, but you, your little being of light was already in the afterlife. I put my hand down and waited for your heart to stop beating. We had tried everything. But nothing, more a sound, more pictures. Only the voice of your father calling you and begging you to come back to us.

Time has stopped. Your heart has stopped beating. You went to sleep, you fell asleep for the rest of your life.

Our little star Livia, you came into our lives and we promised you love. You will be forever our little angel of love who will always keep us united. Today, we must live without that little voice that called us mom and dad.

Every step we take will be with us. You will hold our hand as you have always done, and you will be our guide for the rest of our lives. Daddy and mom’s love will always be unconditional for our little star.

Keep shining from up there. This will be your way of telling us: “Dad, mom, I’m here! “.

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