Little girl who wanted to be a yahoo girl, enrolled in school by Good Samaritan

A woman, Seyi Oluyole, has changed a little girl’s life by ensuring she stopped selling at the market and started going to school.

She met the girl named Ruth in 2019 and during an interaction, she said that her ambition is to be a Yahoo Girl when she becomes older.

Oluyole, was moved to emotions by her statement, so she decided to take up her matter and see to it that she gets an education.

She then visited Ruth’s mum, a hawker, who revealed that her daughter had to stop school due to financial struggles.

Oluyole shared the story on Twitter alongside photos on 5th of July to celebrate Ruth’s 10th birthday.

She wrote;

”Ruth is 10 today Guys!

First time we met in 2019, she told me ‘I want to be a yahoo girl when I grow up.’

Her words broke me. She wanted to be more – and in her environs, more meant ‘FRAUD’

I knew then and there, that I had a BIG role to play in her life.

First step – I asked her to take me to her mum. She took me to a petite woman who sold Ugwu by the road side.

Their resemblance was striking.

Her mum told me how Ruth had to stop school due to their money struggles.

I told the mother we’d enroll her back in school …

In the first few weeks of school, she picked up really fast but gradually her good scores started to drop. She was crying a lot.

After much probing, we learnt that she was witnessing a lot of domestic abuse between her parents and this made her sad.

Myself and the team had a meeting with her mum, who agreed that there were fights in the house.

Her mum asked if we could take Ruth in so she could have a safe and healthy space to grow up in.

We agreed and By the end of that school term – Ruth’s grade picked up

Since 2019,Ruth’s Mum would visit one weekend every month – and she never missed a date until this year in February.

Her number didn’t go through until march.

This time it was a man who answered the call- telling us Ruth’s mum had fallen sick, was taken to the village and died 💔

It was a dark day- and even as I tweet this, I remember her so well.

The will in her eyes every time she visited. How she’d get upset with Ruth if there were any negative reports. And then hug her right after scolding her.

How were we to break this news to this face ?

Anywho, no sad stories today. We are celebrating our ball of sunshine who has a gift for everyone.

Sometimes cries for no reason but loves us all.

Make me the most beautiful things with papers.

So Happy Birthday Ruth. Here is to many many more years!


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