Little Amarachi who won dance contest years ago wows netizens with transformation photos

Amarachi Uyanne, the girl who won the Airtel Dance contest in 2012 has ‘magically’ transformed to a full grown adult within the space of just 8 years.

“How come? We are sure she wasn’t up to 10 years old in 2012,” netizens ponder as they watch Amarachi’s trending video where she combined her kid’s photos and the recent ones.

In two separate videos showing how far she has grown, the famous dancer submitted that she is no longer little anymore.

Meanwhile, Amarachi’s videos have continued to leave fans wide-eyed in disbelief, with many reacting with different views.

@Jacob Vla wrote: “This is the most transformed photos I have ener seen.”

@Rela wrote: “It’s unbelievable!! Something fishy is going on.” 

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