Lia Marie Johnson rehab: Lia Marie Johnson parents dead?

Worried fans have suggested Lia Marie Johnson needs rehab. They have asked if Lia Marie Johnson parents dead? And all this is happening after Lia shared disturbing videos on her Instagram Live.

The videos started Wednesday, May 8 and have continued. Check out the latest post on 22-year-old Lia Marie Johnson Instagram page:

Lia Marie Johnson rehab lailasnews

Lia Marie Johnson rehab:

In the Instagram Live videos Lia broadcasted, concerned fans are worried that she appears strange, in the midst of some sort of breakdown, manic.

Lia Marie can be seen in the videos with slow and slurred speech followed by sudden bursts of uncontrollable laughter then suddenly becoming extremely emotional again.

In the videos Lia has told her viewers:

“Who’s actually going to want to hear anything that I have to say?”

Then she tells her viewers that she is “not high” but that her boyfriend thinks she is crazy and now that he has left her she has to “keep going on other drugs.”

Lia dated YouTuber and actor JC Caylen from 2014 to 2016. There are rumours that say musician and social influencer Dillon Rupp was Lia Marie Johnson boyfriend.

In another clip, an upset Johnson told her audience that nobody wants her, before shouting at the camera saying:

“F**k all of you that have [a mom or a dad], and f**k all of you that get to go to college. I didn’t go to college. Can’t get a job as a f**king barista because it’s fucking difficult.”

Read posts made on social media by Lia’s worried fans:

  • From Silver:

This is Lia Marie Johnson. She’s a drug addict. her parents cut her off and her ex boyfriend is a drug dealer who enabled her. if anybody can get in contact with anybody who can help her please do.

  • From Julia Raleigh:

I feel so bad for Lia Marie Johnson. If someone knows her please reach out to her. Be a friend. This poor girl is clearly in a dark place, doesn’t have her parents and needs support and help.

  • From WheresayAyron:

HER NAME IS LIA MARIE JOHNSON SHE USED TO BE ON KIDS REACTS AND RECENTLY GOT FIRED FROM STARBUCKS AND WENT ON LIVE TO VENT SAYING “fuck you who have parents, i don’t have that, fuck you who get to go to college, and fuck you easy learners I can’t even get a job as a barista”

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