Lesbian partners arrested over viral tape, accuse police of using their phones

Two Zimbabwean l*sbian girls, Flora Tofa (24) and Nyasha Chabika (24) who were arrested after their s3x tape leaked online, have accused the police of confiscating and using their phones.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) arrested Nyasha and Flora at the beginning of December 2023. They faced charges relating to violating the Censorship and Entertainment Control Act (Prohibition of importation, production and dissemination of undesirable publications, pictures, statues and records). Masvingo Magistrate Elizabeth Hanzie granted them ZWL$100,000 bail each.

Crying out over an alleged ill-treatment they’ve been subjected to by the police, Nyasha and Flora accused the police of invading their privacy. They revealed that the police ordered them to surrender their cell phones as part of the case investigations. The police also requested that they leave their passwords, to which the girls obliged.

They also told a magistrate that the police officers are doing more than just investigating. Masvingo Mirror reported that Nyasha and Flora claimed that police officers are now posting content on their accounts and surfing through their timelines and personal profiles. They also alleged that the police officers went as far as sending messages to their friends, begging for money.

Their trial is still ongoing at the moment.

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