Learn when to shut up – Actor Emeka Amakeze blasts Yul Edochie

Nigerian actor, Emeka Amakeze has criticised his colleague, Yul Edochie over his comment against Arise news Anchor, Rufai Oseni.

This development follows Yul Edochie’s prior criticism of Arise TV news anchor Rufai Oseni for acting in an unprofessional manner during a TV interview.

APC chieftain, Jesutega Onokpasa and Rufai Oseni got into a heated argument on air, and the video of their interaction went viral fast, igniting discussion on social media.

Yul Edochie addressed the matter on his Instagram page, voicing his displeasure with Rufai Oseni’s journalistic behaviour.

He chastised Oseni for his evident political prejudice, which he claimed was making his subject uncomfortable.

Yul Edochie emphasized that journalists have to maintain objectivity and not allow their prejudices to get in the way of their work, regardless of their personal political affiliations.

Reacting to this, Emeka Amakeze joined the social media conversation and shared his thoughts.

He said that Yul Edochie was not making much sense when he made his remarks and encouraged Yul Edochie to pick his battles.

He wrote: “Yul should learn to know when to shut up and go boil an egg or do something else. What in the name of struggling to make sense is this?”

When one of Yul Edochie’s fans advised him to respect his older colleague, Yul Edochie questioned the fan’s comprehension and answered in a contemptuous manner.

The fan, tinaomovo wrote: “@emekaamakeze respect your senior colleague Oga you sounded like it’s personal”

Emeka Amakeze replied: “Are you always this dumb or its something that just comes and goes?”


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